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Have you been hearing DAS used in construction industry discussions? By definition, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is basically a way to provide wireless RF signals inside buildings that have poor cellular or public safety network coverage. This often occurs in newer buildings that use energy saving materials during construction, such as energy efficient windows. Unfortunately, these types of materials prevent RF signals needed to support cellular coverage from penetrating the facility.

We solve this challenge by strategically installing a network of antennas throughout your building that connect back to a robust signal source. The signal can be provided by either the cellular carriers or a donor antenna located on the roof.

We also provide solutions for Public Safety DAS Systems (also known as an ERRCS, or Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System) as well as Carrier Cellular DAS Systems. Each system allows either Fire/Police/Paramedic services to maintain communications or provides Carrier Cellular coverage for the general public. The Public Safety DAS Systems are often a Code requirement (IFC/NFPA 72) and are fully coordinated with your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). The Carrier Cellular Systems themselves are coordinated and approved by the four major Carriers.

A-C Technology’s team handles all of the design, planning, installation and implementation for you to ensure complete adherence with code requirements and/or performance needs of your facility. And by using proven field-testing techniques and predictive computer design tools, we deliver a system that has the bandwidth and coverage you need.

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