Safety Philosophy

A-C Technology Solutions strive for a zero-incidence rate. Our philosophy is that all accidents are preventable and safety is the responsibility of every employee, 24/7. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and no aspect of business is given a greater priority than their personal safety. This conviction is reflected in our superb EMR rating, OSHA recordable rate and top-notch safety program. 

Safety Program

The A-C Electric Company Safety Program makes every effort to provide a secure environment for its employees and is fully compliant with all local, state, and federal safety requirements. The core components of our approach are:

  • Developing production procedures with safety as a main focus
  • Code of safe practices and a written safety policy
  • An injury and illness prevention program
  • General and task-specific safety training
  • Equipping employees with the proper tools for safe work practices
  • Regular inspections at the job site
  • An incentive program to foster a safety mindset in employees

Safety Culture

Safety consciousness is evidenced at every level of our business, beginning with our safety administrator, who champions the program and is responsible for Safety & Loss Control. Our division manager and project managers reinforce the use of safety equipment and safe work practices on every job. And, each foreman’s day-to-day responsibilities include ensuring A-C Technology Solution’s Safety Program is carried out in the field, and every employee under his supervision is encouraged to make safety a personal priority. Because at A-C Technology Solutions, safety is more than a handbook: It’s our culture.

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